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Timing Equipment

Olaf Petersen Jr offers timing equipment for any occasion. Our electronic timing systems meet requirements from regional shows up to those with FEI requirements.

OP-Worldwide Electronic Timing Systems

Our Electronic timing systems are used throughout the world for timing of equestrian- and other events.

Timer Console

The timer is a full-featured, multi-event timer capable of automatic timing of show jumping and more. No wires are needed between the timer console in the announcer’s booth and electric eyes in the arena, however the timer also eliminates the AC power cable in the announcers booth and adds support for a wireless interface to our spectator displays.

Battery or Cable - Adapter cable enclosed. This makes setup easier when power is not available and means one less wire across an already timer’s table. Also you can use the power cable.

PA Horn - For events that require a horn the wireless system provides an audio output which connects directly to the horn

A convenient keypad allows simple, single button access to the powerful features.

Time is displayed on a high contrast LED display with extra large tall digits.

The system supports up to three sets of electric eyes for flexible course design and to support timed 2 Phases classes.

Wireless Electric Eyes

The Wireless Electric Eyes sit on tripods across the arena or track from each other to form an invisible start/stop line between them. Electric eyes are generally mounted on standard camera tripods.

The eyes operate over 18 hours with the included 12 volt rechargeable battery. A low battery indicator gives you several hours warning before the battery dies.

Alignment of the electric eyes is quick and easy. The eyes can be separated by up to 50m.

Spectator Displays

For running time and the final time as displayed on the timer console.

The time format on the scoreboard automatically switches to match the format selected on the timer console.

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